The cooking laboratories, beating heart of Alba Accademia Alberghiera

Brigade kitchen, individual workstations kitchen, pastry lab and dining room

Laboratorio a postazioni individuali

The new laboratory with individual workstations

Innovative instruments, induction hobs, professional equipment.

A unique technological kitchen equipped with four high-resolution cameras and eight monitors that allow students to follow every phase of the work, even in streaming on the web.

Steel surfaces just waiting to be lit by the passion for cooking.

Pasticceria e sala

Pastry and bar laboratory

Ice cream machine and professional kneading machines are the main equipment of the pastry laboratory, to prepare quality desserts, cakes and pastries.

In the renovated restaurant hall, the young students practice in the context of a real restaurant. During the educational dinners the restaurant hall is open to the public and the students serve their guests, who are always ready to give their vote to the students chefs and maître.