Courses to find a job, for professional updating, or as a hobby

Alba Accademia Alberghiera offers a wide range of training to meet all the needs of adult users:

  • job search,
  • lifelong learning and training for workers,
  • passion and hobby,
  • professional certifications.


Alba Accademia Alberghiera is also active on the most requested professional certifications such as WSET, the prestigious international qualification on wine. Alba Accademia Alberghiera is an Approved Programme Provider, meaning official WSET training and certification center. The WSET training courses are delivered in English.

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is a world leader in training dedicated to wines, spirits and sake. For over fifty years, the WSET has offered training courses that expand the horizons and opportunities of professionals and wine lovers. The various qualifications, developed on four progressive levels, are aimed at those who want to start a career in the sector or those who are interested in wine, but also to professionals and experts who want to further deepen their knowledge.

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